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Advantages of the MHD plant:
  • Considerable reduction of production times
  • Simple and safe handling
  • Compact design; only small feeding vessels necessary
  • Fully continuous mode of operation which also allows for flexibility during the production of the desired product quantities (no dependence on minimal/maximum batch sizes)
  • Same system for the plants on the lab scale and production plants of all throughput capabilities
  • Proven and tested type series
  • Closed systems, thus prevention of dust and solvent emissions
  • Prevention of agglomerate formation thanks to particle-to-particle wetting
  • No loss of raw materials due to bundle handling
  • Entries of solid concentrations up to 80% and production of the final product in just one passage possible
  • Highly precise mixing results with proportioned addition of raw materials
  • Flexible tool configuration and speed regulation for optimal adaptation to product
  • Finest particle sizes thanks to wet milling in the dispersing stage
  • Suitable for very viscous products into the pasty area
  • Ideal for reactive processes and for quick viscosity increases due to short residence times
  • Fully automatable

The IKA MHD plants are suitable for a broad range of applications, particularly in the chemical, cosmetic and food industries. The following can be processed as liquid phases, among others: Water, oils, resin, kerosene, alcohols, liquid polymers, low to highly-viscous dispersions, molten urea, syrup and solvents. The following solids, for example, are mixed into the liquid as solid phases: starch products, nuts, spice powders, pectin pellets, thickeners, ammonium sulfate, alumina, carbopol, talcum, mineral pigments, coating products, reactive powders, polyamide fibers, cellulose, bentonite, soot etc.

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