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Emulsifying is the process of mixing two liquids that are difficult to mix. The main focus of emulsifying is the dispersion of the discontinuous phase into preferably fine droplets. Rotor-stator machines are particularly well-suited for emulsifying tasks. The combination of high shearing and expanding forces in the mixing head allows for very fine droplets. High turbulences also enable rotor-stator machines to contribute to a quick transport of emulsifier molecules to the newly-formed surfaces.

Numerous medical ointments, cosmetic products, milk, mayonnaise, and dressings are emulsions. The emulsifying process can be visualized by looking at mixing water with oil, or fat. How do you mix oil and water? Even after intensive stirring for a long period of time, the oil swims at the water's surface once again. The energy input is important here, but also the employed technology, the emulsifying.

Emulsions are usually stabilized by emulsifiers such as tensides, which are mixed into one of the two phases before emulsifying. Emulsifiers are one part water-loving (hydrophilic) and one part fat-loving (lipophilic). One side of the emulsifier molecule bonds with the water and the other one with the oil. In this manner, emulsifiers stabilize the produced droplets and therefore counteract a segregation of the emulsion. IKA offers innovative mixing techniques for emulsifying that are suitable for the production of many different kinds of emulsions:
  • Emulsifying with the ULTRA-TURRAX dispersing machines in batch processes
  • Continuous emulsifying with the Series 2000 rotor-stator dispersing machines
  • Continuous emulsifying with the HPH high-pressure homogenizer
  • Emulsifying in recirculation processes
IKA's advanced emulsifying technology ensures the reduction degree that is adapted to each individual application. Emulsifying with IKA machines also guarantees a tight particle size distribution and long-time stability of the produced emulsions.

IKA inline machines for emulsifying are especially energy-efficient. Mixing energy is concentratedly fed into a comparatively small working area and takes effect on the product flow. This way the particularly high local energy input can be realized when emulsifying with inline machines. At the same time the installed power will optimally be used.

IKA plants with the built-in, patented DBI dispersing machine are an outstanding solution for any emulsifying process. The pre-mixing, droplet break-up, and feeding of emulsifiers and additives are all combined into one machine.

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