IKA know-how for the pharmaceutical industry

IKA know-how for the pharmaceutical industry

IKA is known worldwide to be a respectable and reliable partner of the pharmaceutical industry. The portfolio of IKA includes machines and equipment used for the production of homogenous emulsions and suspension as well as for drying and mixing of free-flowing solids. IKA innovative mixing technology covers the entire spectrum of pharmaceutical production: from products low in viscosity such as injections and cough syrup to highly viscous products such as suppositories and dental masses.

Thanks to its long-standing experience and continuous collaborations with pharmaceutical companies, IKA is able to fulfill even the most challenging demands that arise in the pharmaceutical industry today. IKA will support you consistently, starting with product development all the way to mass production. A smooth process is made possible due to experienced teams of specialists and a series of state-of-the-art equipment: On the one hand engineering and software teams, on the other hand a pilot plant station, a design office, production facilities and a well-coordinated service department.

IKA machines and equipment for the pharmaceutical industry representing up-to-date technology and are:
  • of high quality and designed based on FDA or EDEHG standards
  • completely drainable
  • suitable for CIP and SIP
  • made from high-quality material (all parts)
  • equipped with seals suitable for pharmaceutical applications
  • deliverable in an explosion-safe design
  • scalable on a lab scale all the way to production

The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) confirmed the high quality and hygienic design of IKA machines and equipment with its bestowal of the 3-A certificate. Per customer request we are able to use alternative, high-quality materials when it comes to special production demands. The surfaces touched by the product can be produced in any desired quality.

With IKA mixing technology are produced:
  • Tablets
  • Vaccines
  • Injection solutions
  • Antibiotics in the oil
  • Plant extracts
  • Ointments
  • Silicone emulsions
  • Penicillin emulsions
  • Gelling agents
  • Medical gels
  • Cough syrup
  • Suspensions
  • Wax emulsions
  • Suppositories
  • Powder drugs
  • Vitamins
  • Food additives
  • Dental materials
  • Transdermal patches

The most popular equipment

ProductgroupMachines and plants
Inline dispersers / Mills DISPAX-REACTOR® DRS 2000/05 Flow rate (max.) : 700 l/h
DISPAX-REACTOR® DRS 2000/10 Flow rate (max.) : 2500 l/h
DISPAX-REACTOR® DRS 2000/20 Flow rate (max.) : 7000 l/h
Colloid Mill MK 2000/05 Flow rate (max.) : 2500 l/h
Colloid Mill MK 2000/10 Flow rate (max.) : 7500 l/h
Batch dispersers UTS 115/KT Batch size max. (H2O): 500 l
UTS 150/KT Batch size max. (H2O): 1700 l
Process plants MP 10 Useful volume max.: 10 l
MP 100 Useful volume max.: 100 l
MP 200 Useful volume max.: 200 l
MP 500 Useful volume max.: 500 l
MP 1000 Useful volume max.: 1000 l
Pilot plants Labor-Pilot 2000/4 Flow rate (max.) : 300 l/h
PROCESS-PILOT 2000/4 Flow rate (max.) : 350 l/h
Vacuum dryers / mixers Conical Dryer CD 100 Useful volume: 100 l
Conical Dryer CD 500 Useful volume: 500 l
Conical Dryer CD 1000 Useful volume: 1000 l
Conical Mixer CM 100 Useful volume: 100 l
Conical Mixer CM 500 Useful volume: 500 l
Conical Mixer CM 1000 Useful volume: 1000 l


Silicone emulsions
Wax emulsions

Silicone emulsions
Production in an inline process

Production of a silicone/water-emulsion

It is recommended first to make a preparation with little water (approx. 15%) and to produce a gel-like emulsion. The suitable machine for this purpose is a Colloid Mill of the type IKA® MK 2000/.. with a stronger motor (approx. 30 kW, 1.000 l/h). Moreover it has to be worked with high shear gradient.
As soon as a homogeneous, transparent and very viscous mixture is reached, any requested viscosity can be adjusted by further mixing of water and emulsifier.

Wax emulsions
Production in a batch process
There are paraffin emulsions of the most different types, used either for water repellent finishing or for coating of medical active substances.
The main process step is the melting of the wax at moderate stirring, e.g. with the IKA® TURBOTRON®. After that the additives and the hot water are added and dispersed in circulating operation.

Best suited for this process are the IKA® inline dispersing machine of type DISPAX-REACTOR® DR 2000/.., ULTRA-TURRAX® 2000/... or Colloid Mill MK 2000/..

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