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Mixing is mankind's oldest process. Mixtures allow for substances of the nature to be put to good use. Most food, personal hygiene products and remedies are the results of a mixing process. In the past, mixing difficulties have occurred when substances were hard to mix, or the stability of a mixture was either not achieved or poorly achieved. Having developed new mixing techniques for a hundred years, IKA can handle difficult mixing tasks while providing exemplary results.

Mixing is the process of merging several different starting materials in conjunction with energy input. The multitude of the substances to be mixed is hard to estimate. We must consider differences due to their state of aggregation, varied chemical and physical characteristics. Substance parameters such as density (bulk density) and viscosity carry great significance during the mixing process. These parameters will help determine the expected energy demands, the possible miscibility, and the stability of the mixture.

Depending on the state of aggregation, IKA's mixing technique is mainly used for the following applications:
  • Mixing of liquids
  • Mixing of liquid and solid substances
  • Mixing of solids
  • Mixing of gas and liquids (aeration)
IKA offers a multitude of machines for mixing in various different production processes:
  • Mixing in batch operation
  • Mixing in recirculation process
  • Mixing in continuous process
IKA's product portfolio of mixing equipment is characterized by specifically developed, patented tools and varied drives. The mixing machine designs can be adapted to meet customer-defined requirements.

Our solutions:

Inline dispersers / Mills
Batch dispersers
Kneading machines
Process plants
Solid-liquid mixers
Pilot plants
Vacuum dryers / mixers

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