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Drying is a separation process in which liquids are extracted from the dry material. Drying is a logical continuation of the effective and safe wet grinding process in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries. As a rule active substance or pure chemicals are won during drying. Drying is also a valuable conservation method used by the food industry to increase the shelf life of products.

There are several known industrial techniques, which can be applied in order to dry materials. At IKA we specialize in highly innovative equipment for vacuum drying. During this process the material to be dried is exposed to low pressure. The low pressure reduces the boiling point enabling the water or solvent to evaporate even at low temperatures. Therefore the vacuum drying is essential for the processing of heat-sensitive substances.

In order to support the drying effect, the material to be dried is heated up. The warmth is fed into the system via the heated vessel wall and the heated stirrer. This is referred to as contact drying. Intensive mixing is an additional way to achieve shorter processing times during drying and also prevents surface fouling.

IKA offers a series of conical dryers for gentle drying. The conical design of the vessel bottom guarantees complete emptying of the working vessel and integrated spray nozzles enable self-cleaning.

IKA drying equipment is unique due to the slanted position of the mixing vessel, which helps to achieve optimal homogenization of the dry material.

Our solutions:

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