IKA mixing technology for the bitumen industry

IKA mixing technology for the bitumen industry

Bitumen, a component of asphalt, is a mixture of various organic substances. Due to its properties, bitumen is often used as a binder, for example in road construction.

At a temperature of between 150 and 200°C bitumen becomes fluid, allowing it to be mixed with other substances. This is how products that are necessary for the preservation and improvement of our quality of life are created. Examples include road and highway surfaces, airfields, building and roof waterproofing, bituminous protective agents for buildings, and many more.

IKA offers complete systems for the production of bituminous emulsions and polymer modified bitumen (PMB). It is also possible to purchase single machines from these systems.

The most popular equipment

ProductgroupMachines and plants
Inline dispersers / Mills Colloid Mill MK 2000/05 Flow rate (max.) : 2500 l/h
Colloid Mill MK 2000/20 Flow rate (max.) : 20000 l/h
Colloid Mill MK 2000/10 Flow rate (max.) : 7500 l/h
Process plants EPB 200 Flow rate (max.) : 200 l/h
EPB 2500 Flow rate (max.) : 2500 l/h
EPB 7500 Flow rate (max.) : 7500 l/h
EPB 15000 Flow rate (max.) : 15000 l/h
EPB 40000 Flow rate (max.) : 40000 l/h
EPB 60000 Flow rate (max.) : 60000 l/h


Polymer modified bitumen

Polymer modified bitumen
Production in an inline process
Bitumen is an extremely viscous, black mass at room temperature. It slowly starts flowing when it is heated. To achieve a homogeneous mixture of bitumen and polymer, the bitumen has to be heated to temperature exceeding 160°C.

Until now, this was normally done in a batch mode (big vessel including ineffective dissolver-agitator). When the bitumen reached the necessary temperature, the polymer is added and is mixed by stirring. This process needs much time. The process becomes much faster by using an inline homogenizer. It accelerates the solving process and reduces the mixing time considerably.

The most efficient way of solving polymers in bitumen is to mix them inline. The new IKA® high-performance mixer DR 2000/.. -PB makes this new process possible. Polymers can be added and solved in one step. The up to now necessary mixing vessel is no more needed.