Conical Dryer CD

The IKA Conical Dryer CD is suited for vacuum contact drying of various humid solids of different free flowing behavior as well as different bulk densities.

Not only the conical dryer's vessel wall and vessel cover are heatable but also the special spiral agitator. This ensures an optimal energy input into the product and also a uniform humidity and temperature distribution in the entire product area.

Your bulk material is effectively dried at temperatures up to 200°C and under vacuum. The resulting solvent vapors are extracted by a reversible flow dust filter. The speed of the spiral agitator, which is located in an overhung position in the cover, is infinitely adjustable. A top-mounted flow breaker creates additional turbulences in the product area and prevents the product from rotating with the agitator. An optional lump breaker with cutting blades avoids the forming of agglomerates.

An essential innovation of the CD plant is the combined tilting and slewing mechanism. For cleaning and inspection purposes, the tilting device offers convenient opening of the entire vessel cover including the agitator.

Alternatively, this mechanism allows for the entire vessel to be inclined when the cover is closed. This has an extremely positive effect on the drying process. The inclination offers important advantages when mixing the entire product, as gravitation additionally affects the products to be dried. The slewing drive enables the entire vessel to be held between 0° and 45° at any position.

The conical dryer can optionally be equipped with a CIP mechanism and/or load cells. On request, IKA will also deliver optional peripheral devices for the conical dryer, such as solid filling or packing systems, a heating/cooling aggregate, a vacuum system with solvent condensation, and a fully automatic control.

IKA conical dryers are available in nine sizes ranging from 10 to 4.000 liters useful volume.

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