Advantages of the IKA high pressure homogenizer HPH:

  • Highest possible energy input which allows for a particle reduction of up to 0.1 µm
  • Proven construction and long service life
  • Very low noise level
  • Sample volumes from 10 ml processible
  • Deliverable in several sizes and versions for flow capacities from 2 to 100 l/h
  • Robust drive, can also be used for industrial production
  • Optionally available: a controller for adjusting the rotational speed of the driving shaft and therefore the corresponding adaptation of the throughput to the flow characteristics of the medium
  • Parts that come in contact with the product are made of stainless steel and ceramic
  • No elastomers in the product area
  • All parts that come in contact with the product are autoclavable and available with FDA approval
Areas of application:

For many applications and products in the food and pharmaceutical industries and in biotechnology, particle sizes in the nano range have to be achieved, for example,
  • for cell disruption in biotechnology
  • for homogenizing milk products
  • for the production of infusion solutions
  • for the production of micro-fibrillated celluloses
  • for the production of all types of microemulsions