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Working hands-on with customers to find solutions

/// IKA-Werke in Staufen opens new €1.5 million Application Center – 400 m² of the latest technology

Working hands-on with customers to find solutions

IKA-Werke in Staufen opens new €1.5 million Application Center – 400 m² of the latest technology

IKA-Werke Staufen GmbH & Co. KG has established even more customer proximity and service with its new “Application Center.” Here, processes that revolve around stirring, shaking, dispersing, grinding, heating, analyzing and distilling are tested. In addition, it also expands the possibilities for customers to test their own devices and to develop new models.

“When it comes to the development of new devices, IKA has always worked closely with its customers,” says René Stiegelmann, the owner and managing director of IKA. “The Application Center now offers even more space and possibilities to test and improve upon lab devices and processes.”

The Application Center spans approx. 400 m² and is equipped with very modern technology.

A lab with an adjacent conference room enables customers and prospective buyers to work on samples in collaboration with IKA specialists. Whether it’s for correct sample preparation or for testing a new production process, “the customer would like to ensure that the process actually works before he invests in devices and machines,” explains Daniela Dockweiler, head of the Application Center. “We provide the devices and, aided by a computer, document the experiments.”

With the extensive range of products IKA has to offer, most customer-specific processes can be accomplished.

Two accessible safety fume hoods are available under which the first steps of the pilot plant can take place.

IKA product managers and renowned guest speakers are scheduled to participate in a future series of seminars.

At the heart of the Application Center, lie devices in varying stages of development. Throughout the 210-m² space, you will find devices being tested for the ability to meet daily work demands. Even after the products are introduced, IKA continuously tests them under realistic lab conditions. “That is basically our elk test,” says Dockweiler. “New fields of application for our devices constantly arise in the industry and in research, so we want to ensure that said devices meet our quality standards, even under these conditions.”

Finally, our lab team of eight tests initial designs and ideas from its own development department and carries out feasibility studies in the R&D lab.

A total of 1.5 million euros went into the renovation and the equipment for the Application Center.

The use of lighting and open air design provide for a very modern environment while ensuring safe working conditions without drafts. The climatization guarantees a consistent lab temperature of 22 degrees – a requirement for reproducible experiments. For its test series, the Application Center is connected to automated storage facilities. The modern fume hoods offer safe working conditions, even with difficult samples.

This marks a new era of customer proximity for IKA. The application database on the website and the large showroom in Staufen are said to have already greatly facilitated the process of choosing the right devices.

“Now we are able to not only showcase the devices, but can also show how they master each customer’s specific applications in actuality,” raves Dockweiler. “It’s a test run de luxe, so to speak.” In connection with the supply of so-called pilots, which are machines that fall between the lab and the industry scale, IKA is able to advise and accompany its customers with the original idea, through the lab stage, then into production.

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