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Catching up

/// Following around René Stiegelmann in Germany

Catching up

Following around René Stiegelmann in Germany

March 2017 - Staufen, Germany: René Stiegelmann has been catching up with the activities in several meetings in Staufen, Germany. Following are some snapshots and key updates:

Pictured below are Pascal Stiegelmann, Juergen Langer, Michael Liu and Erhard Eble, together with owner René Stiegelmann, discussing the go-to-market strategy in Poland over lunch.

During the same week, Mr. Stiegelmann hosted the product development meetings and met with members of the IKA Wilmington subsidiary to discuss the production expansion project in the United States. From left to right: Ray Watkins, Juergen Lehmann, Erhard Eble and René Stiegelmann.

IKA Wilmington sent the first employees to IKA Staufen as part of the employee exchange program. Teresa Marshburn, Robert Johnston and Marshall Thomasson were invited to dinner by René Stiegelmann. Joining the team were Ray Watkins, Doug Stark and Atul Tanawade, who were attending the product development meetings. All three exchange employees were paired with their counterparts in Germany and not only received insight into the work environment and daily routine at IKA Staufen, but also enjoyed the local cuisine, gorgeous weather and some time off to explore the area.

Mr. Stiegelmann invited the employees from China and India who were visiting IKA Staufen to dinner and listened to the employees‘ stories and experiences. He also shared personal anecdotes throughout the evening and everyone enjoyed the time he dedicated.  

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