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Being creative

/// Creative workshop of our Chinese Marketing team in Germany

Being Creative


Creative workshop of our Chinese Marketing team in Germany



Bad Neustadt (Bavaria), Germany - The global exchange of knowledge has a high priority at IKA – even for local and global marketing activities. During a 4-day workshop seminar, the Chinese Marketing team from Guangzhou, together with IKA USA CEO and Marketing responsible, Refika Bilgic met with creative partner THE FILMGROUP in the Bavarian town of Bad Neustadt. “Being one of our most important growth markets, it is crucial for us to consider the wishes of our Chinese employees and to implement their feedback into our overall marketing strategy. The workshop enabled us to consistently strengthen the advancement of our global image”, say Refika Bilgic and Alexander Streck (IKA and THE FILMGROUP).



From left to right:Tina Scheidler (Art Director, THE FILMGROUP), Kristina Höhn (Project Management, THE FILMGROUP), Hue Vi (Designer, THE FILMGROUP), Cice Zhang (Director of Marketing & PM, IKA Guangzhou), Steven Huang (Designer, IKA Guangzhou), Alexander Streck (Geschäftsführer, THE FILMGROUP), Marie-Luise Weier (Designer, THE FILMGROUP), Refika Bilgic (CEO IKA Wilmington), Daniela Wagner (Teamleitung, THE FILMGROUP), Luz Kanapi (Designer, IKA Guangzhou), Lorena Wagner (Designer, THE FILMGROUP), Mavis Liang (Designer, IKA Guangzhou), Anja Eichelbrönner (Purchasing, THE FILMGROUP), Meaghan Gun (Designer, THE FILMGROUP), Lea Henneberger (Designer, THE FILMGROUP), Christine Kaufmann (Designer, THE FILMGROUP), Patrick Röhlich (E-Commerce, THE FILMGROUP), Michaela Griebel (Assistant, THE FILMGROUP), Alexander Vitt (Designer, THE FILMGROUP).

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