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/// Accelerate the production of affordable, rapid charging, and resource-resilient next generation EV batteries

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The IKA Magic Plant is the world’s most compact desktop inline dispersing plant, seamlessly integrating into your laboratory environment. It is built on the IKA Magic Lab modular dispersing system, offering the ultimate flexibility for liquid-based processing tasks and serving as the Swiss army knife for R&D.

Equipped with a range of processing modules, the IKA Magic Plant provides limitless customization options for various processing tasks, making it an ideal solution for R&D.


Why IKA?

Learn more about how the IKA EV Battery solutions can help accelerating the transition to efficient and reliable next-generation EV batteries that promise lighter weight, enhanced energy storage, faster charging, and improved safety while reducing cooling requirements.
  • Shortened R&D periods
  • High-end mixing technology
  • Reduced equipment
  • Worldwide presence
  • Complete line up
  • Support for new processes and materials
  • Easier maintenance
  • Century of excellence
  • Process simulation
  • Proven advantages for better dispersion
  • Manufactured locally
  • Expert team
  • Scale up experience
  • Easier assembly and modificaitons
  • Easy cleaning
  • Sustainability

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