ElectraSyn flow

ElectraSyn flow is a system for continuous electro-organic synthesis. At the heart of the system is the ElectraSyn flow continuous flow-electro-organic synthesis cell, abbreviated to "flow cell".
This consists of two half cells, each with a freely selectable electrode. By combining similar and dissimilar half cells, ElectraSyn flow allows the user to research with maximum flexibility in the field of electro-organic synthesis, or to produce a wide variety of chemical products on a laboratory scale.

The system is easily scalable and enables the determination of the necessary process parameters for production-scale electro-organic synthesis plants.

ElectraSyn flow is available in two versions: ElectraSyn flow basic and ElectraSyn flow eco.
ElectraSyn flow basic is a complete electro-organic synthesis system. If the reagents are all ready, you can start testing immediately.
The ElectraSyn flow eco is an electro-organic synthesis system that takes into account that a hose pump with suitable hose connections is already available in the laboratory and therefore these parts are not included in the scope of delivery.