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IKA mixing technology for the production of fuel cells

IKA mixing technology for the production of fuel cells

The significant climate changes of recent years are making the need for a transformation towards a sustainable energy supply even clearer. International commitments to climate neutrality by 2050, technological advances and increasing planning certainty for investors are creating great momentum in the development of a global hydrogen economy. Fuel cells and electrolysis systems consist equally of electrodes (anodes and cathodes) and the electrolyte between them. It is essential for the functionality of the energy converters that the coating masses of the electrodes are as free of agglomerates as possible. All particles (solvent, binder and conductivity material) in the coating slurry must be homogenously distributed.

Efficieient inline mixing and dispersing machines, which guarantee constant product and dispersion quality with concentrated energy input, can reliably achieve this.

Applications for the battery and fuel cell industry:
Lithium-ion battery cells
Lithium-ion battery materials
Fuel cells / Electrolyzer
Battery in general
Solar Photovoltaics
LCD screen
Electronic components

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