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Precision Powered: Defining Excellence in EV Battery Production

/// IKA provides scalable and efficient machinery solutions to solve complex challenges in EV battery manufacturing

  • Turnkey to customized solutions
  • Trusted to new emerging materials
  • Liquid to solid state processing
  • R&D to scale-up production

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Manufacturing Capabilities to Meet Your Needs

Consistently superior production quality

Elevate your production line with state-of-the-art solutions engineered to perfection. Achieve higher quality, more homogeneous results, with unparalleled consistency across every batch. IKA’s precision technology maximizes production quality while minimizing human error.

Elevated productivity, scaled efficiency

Achieve more with less. IKA’s advanced solutions boost productivity by up to 15%, reduce energy consumption by up to 30%, compact design translates to a 50% reduction in footprint, offering a more efficient, sustainable approach to cell or material manufacturing.

Innovation at its core

IKA’s EV battery solutions are designed to be versatile, meeting a wide range of applications and scales. Unparalleled flexibility tailored to meet every challenge in production. This versatile approach provides customers with the flexibility necessary to drive innovation and stay ahead in their fields.

Expertise at your service

At IKA’s pilot plants and regional test centers, manufacturers have the opportunity to work closely with sector-specific experts, gaining essential tools and expertise to elevate every phase of the manufacturing process, all with tailored insights.


Leverage IKA's Pilot Centers for Pioneering EV Battery Production
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Worldwide presence & local support

  • Realize global projects with a single vendor relationship.
  • Access global maintenance and support in all the major markets.
  • IKA products are designed and engineered in Germany.
  • Over 110-year company history, legacy of trust and reliability for a supplier partnership.
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