The New CMX Solid-Liquid Mixing System

Excellent results and shorter process times: IKA® presents the latest inline mixer. At the heart of this complete system is the powerful CMX inline mixer. It reduces production times of blending solids into liquids by at least 50% compared to conventional inline mixers. This impressive reduction is attributed to the new 2-stage design including both a pumping as well as dispersing stage. This improved design guarantees a stable circulation, even for products with high viscosities. The multi-level feature also offers a simple, functional and cost-efficient solution to incorporating solids into liquids while greatly reducing the need for auxiliary pumps and powder dosing systems.
The CMX 2000 is supplied with a mixing vessel, a solids feeder and is typically used in a recirculation process. The flow creates a powerful vacuum that draws the solids into the mixing chamber. There, small volumes of powder are dispersed into a highly turbulent area, free of agglomerates.

Depending on requirements, the solid material can be fed via; a bulk bag unloader, a funnel, bag-emptying station or directly from the bag via a suction lance.

The CMX 2000 is available in 7 sizes to accommodate applications ranging from 2 to more than 5,000 liters and can achieve circulation rates of 1,500 to 200,000 liters per hour accordingly.

Detailed information is available on the product page.