ACHEMA 2012 - Enthusiastic reception for IKA’s new products and further developments in stirring, mixing and kneading technology

The world premieres, such as the IKA magicPLANT or IKA Pilotina dry mill, were extolled by experts from across the world. Staff from the company’s Asian and American subsidiaries ensured that even specialized questions were expertly answered in the appropriate language. The trade fair resulted in a correspondingly high number of excellent leads.

The star of the 100 square meter IKA processing technology stand was the 1,000 liter Master Plant. This modern batch plant is used primarily in the cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industries. The patented DBI homogenizer opens up new possibilities for the addition of solid materials into liquid phase while simulataneously producingperfectly homogenous mixes, emulsions and suspensions with the end result being the finestdroplets and/or particle sizes achievable.

Another winner owing to its flexibility was the IKA magicPLANT, a small, modular laboratory unit for the batch mixing, homogenizing, stirring and drying of low viscosity to extremely fluid substances. Available in “basic”, “inline” and “powder” versions, it can be used in all applications in the cosmetics, foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals industries.

The IKA Pilotina dry mill proved to be a quick-change artist: its modular design means that it can quickly be configured as a cutting or impact mill. One machine with two milling functions – without compromising on pulverization quality.

Speaking of pulverization quality: at the center of the IKA stand there were various versions of rotor-stator modules, representing the best processing technology for all products across the portfolio range.

A new product on display was the corundum disk mill MCD 2000,which was specially developed for the foodstuffs industry. It is ideal for the wet milling and homogenizing of liquid, viscous and paste products. The corundum disks are available in different grain sizes, depending on the degree of fineness required. The cooling jacket, which is integrated into the milling chamber, prevents excessive heating of the product during processing.