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Processing plants for mixing and dispersing in the petrochemical industry

Processing plants for mixing and dispersing in the petrochemical industry

The main function of the petrochemical industry is to convert fossil raw materials such as crude oil into chemical products. Products such as lubricating oils for the lubrication of machine parts are widely used. These must meet the highest requirements under the most diverse conditions. At low temperatures, lubricating oil must flow easily and reliably wet all areas needing to be lubricated. However, the lubricating film must remain load-bearing at high temperatures as well.

Additives are added to lubricating oils to expand the thermal operating range and to increase the bearing load. Special polymers, so-called viscosity index improvers (VI improvers) improve the performance of the lubricants.

These high-performance polymers must be dissolved in the base oil and homogeneously incorporated. The process steps required for this can be carried out efficiently and safely using IKA machines and systems for mixing and dispersing.

Potential applications for the petrochemical industry:
  • viscosity index improvers (VI improvers)
  • Lube oil additives
The most popular equipment

Inline dispersers / Mills
Process plants
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