• Fast mixing and dispersing results
  • Completely homogeneous mixing of the product in all areas of the container, even critical areas
  • No losses caused by backflow
  • High level of energy efficiency
  • No sedimentation at the bottom of the container when creating a suspension
  • No rotation of the mixture, meaning flow breakers are not required
  • Whirlpool effects and air inclusions are avoided
  • Flexible installation options in containers of a wide variety of shapes
  • No seal in the product
  • Available with a host of sealing options depending on the intended application
  • Suitable for operation at pressures of up to 2.5 bar and temperatures of up to 120°C
  • Version for use with pressures of up to 10 bar available on request
  • Machines available in an explosion-proof design in line with ATEX
  • All parts that come into contact with the product are made from stainless steel
  • Infinite adjustment of the rotor speed available as an option
  • Special materials and optimum surface finishes available on request
  • Pharmaceutical design available on request


Food industry
Ice cream, chocolate, flavorings, drinks

Paint and dye industry
Inks, watercolors

Paper industry
Adhesives, raw paper mixtures

Chemical industry
Dyes, fertilizers, pesticides