Solids/Liquids Mixing

Successful mixing of solids and liquids can often be achieved using a classic stirring process. The convenient, robust and flexibly equipped IKA stirrers are optimally suited for solid-liquid mixing when solid particles can be dissolved or easily moistened in the liquid. Simple mixing techniques can lead to problems. Agglomerate formation, air entry, strong dust formation, and solvent emissions are a few of the unwanted side effects that can be caused by conventional mixing. Traditional stirring of a solid-liquid mixture does not guarantee prevention of quality deviations of individual batches or loss of raw materials. IKA offers modern solutions to prevent common mixing problems while still maintaining low costs for personnel, cleaning, disposal and energy.

IKA's patented MHD system ensures effective solid-liquid mixing in one passage: trouble-free wetting of solids, mixing, homogenizing and dispersing. During the MHD continuous solid-liquid mixing, it is important that product components are being fed in proportion to quantity and in a regulated manner.

IKA's batch mixing system CMS offers an alternative to continuous solid-liquid mixing. Low pressure created in the mixing chamber leads to a dust-free suctioning of powders or other solids. Definitive quantities of liquid or solid are mixed in an enrichment process which eliminates the need for expensive dosing devices.

IKA's inline DBI machine for solid-liquid mixing has a two-stage design. Stage one creates a vacuum which helps to suck powders or granulates into the mixing chamber. Stage two disperses solid components into the liquid phase. While mixing an enrichment system with the DBI machine, gentle pumping or alternatively high shear dispersing are both possible.

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