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Conical Dryer CD

Advantages of the IKA Conical Dryer:
  • Shorter drying times due to a heatable agitator and double-jacketed heatable vessel
  • Vessel operation under vacuum and pressure up to 6 bar
  • Admissible operating temperatures from -10 to +200°C
  • A flow breaker with an integrated temperature sensor PT 100 prevents the medium from rotating with the agitator
  • Overhung-mounted lump breaker for disintegration of agglomerates
  • Gentle mixing of sensitive products with special spiral agitator
  • Better mixing result by slewing of the entire mixing vessel
  • Configuration of agitator and vessel wall prevents product accumulation on heat transfer surfaces
  • Exposed shaft without product-touching bearings
  • Various shaft seal systems available for all applications
  • The stirrer speed can be infinitely adapted to meet product characteristics
  • Safe tilting mechanism to open the vessel lid for easy access to the vessel / stirrer
  • Complete emptying of the vessel via a spherical segment valve
  • Vapor filter eliminates dust from the exhaust
  • Complete system easy to clean – integrated spray nozzles cover the entire inner surface
  • Easy to access because of equipment height
  • Many equipment options available through one source
  • The Conical Dryer CD is available as explosion-proof and GMP versions
  • Reliable scale-up
  • Various sampling systems; suitable for a wide range of requirements
Typical applications for the IKA Conical Dryer CD are:
  • Vacuum drying of metal powders, other powders, pigments, salts, crystals, or fine chemicals under permanent mixing
  • Suspension separation and thermal drying
  • Production of tea mixtures, coffee powder products, powdered soups and sauces and baby food
  • Separation of active ingredients and solvents for the production of pharmaceuticals
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