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Standard Plant SPP

Advantages of the Standard Production Plant SPP:
  • Cost effective mixing plant
  • Highly customizable from simple to sophisticated configuration
  • Viscosity range from water to paste level (approx. 100 Pas) without additional pump
  • Feeding of solid or liquid additives without additional vacuum
  • Formation of lumps is avoided by direct feeding of the additives into the dispersing chamber
  • Treatment of smallest quantities from 30% - 100% of the maximum working volume
  • Separated circulation loop (short/long) for minimizing of gas entry and loss of material
  • CIP-cleaning without additional pump
  • Exchangeable dispersing tools
  • Speed control for adjustable mixing and dispersing quality
  • Low maintenance
  • The complete plant can be sterilized with steam (SIP)
  • Direct steam injection is optionally available
  • The complete plant can also be supplied in ex-protected execution according to the 94/9 EG (ATEX 95) guidelines
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