Master Plant MP

Advantages of the mixing system Master Plant MP:
  • Feeding of solid or liquid additives without vacuum in the mixing vessel
  • Formation of lumps is avoided by direct feeding of the additives into the dispersing chamber
  • Treatment of smallest quantities down to approx. 15% of the nominal volume
  • Separated circulation loop (short/long) for minimizing of dead spots and loss of material
  • Important reduction of heating or cooling times, due to the heating/cooling of the agitator
  • CIP-cleaning, for which the DBI 2000/.. serves as pump and feeds the rotating spray nozzles
  • Exchangeable dispersing tools
  • Mixing and dispersing quality adjustable
  • Low maintenance required
  • The geometry of vessel and mixing units enables excellent scale-up possibilities
  • The complete plant can be sterilized with steam (SIP)
  • Direct steam injection is optionally available
  • The complete plant can also be supplied in Ex-protected execution acc. to the 94/9 EG (ATEX 95) guidelines