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Compact mixing plant XPP

The compact mixing and dispersing plant XPP has that little extra for your process technology. It is ideally suited for homogeneously feeding large quantities of powdery solids and liquid additives into a liquid feed. With this powerful mixing plant, all basic operations of mixing and dispersing technology can be carried out. This is done efficiently and economically with short batch times. Thanks to its compact design and low height, the XPP requires little space.

The heart of the compact mixing plant is the multifunctional inline mixing machine CMX. If required, the CMX can achieve very high shear forces, e.g. for emulsions, or disperses the added additives homogeneously & agglomerate-free. Furthermore, it also functions as a pump for the discharge or for optional CIP cleaning. Thus the compact mixing plant XPP is very well suited to produce also highly viscous products such as sunscreen, glue or wall paint without additional aggregates.

In general, the XPP can be used in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and electronics industries. Especially when multifunctionality is required and large quantities of solids and increased viscosity characterize the end product, the XPP compact mixing plant is the right choice. The Compact Mixing Plant XPP is based on the same technology as our pilot plants. Thus, we offer you a seamless scale-up from laboratory to production.
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