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Visiting IKA USA

/// IKA Owner and President René Stiegelmann visiting the US operations, together with son Marcel Stiegelmann

Visiting IKA USA

IKA Owner and President René Stiegelmann visiting the US operations in Wilmington, NC and, for the first time, in San Diego, CA

January 2017 - René Stiegelmann, who came with his son and co-owner Marcel is pictured addressing the IKA Wilmington employees.

He shared that the profitability of IKA USA and the IKA Group had increased tremendously and further investments in the increase of the manufacturing and machining capacity were to be made. IKA in the United States was more than well prepared for the changes in politics. Furthermore, he shared that the Stiegelmann family is excited about the US subsidiary and its R&D efforts both in Wilmington and in San Diego, as well as the overall marketing campaigns.

René Stiegelmann ended his communication to the IKA US employees by thanking them for their hard work.

Continuing his trip to California, Mr. Stiegelmann visited the new location in San Diego.

The office was opened in March 2016 with the intent of R&D teaming up with scientists for product development and benefiting from the proximity to the prestigious Scripps Research Institute. The site at General Atomics currently hosts several employees. IKA has a fully functioning laboratory on site. A future plan foresees a service center for lab and analytical products, as well as a small warehouse to cover the California demand.

Mr. Stiegelmann is pictured in the service and warehouse area currently used for soldering components and equipped with the 3D printer. While visiting in San Diego, Mr. Stiegelmann met with the local staff.

He also met with scientists Phil Baran and Jin-Quan Yu to discuss existing product developments, as well as new marketing and R&D projects.

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