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Process plant mixes latest beauty trends homogeneously


There is hardly any industry that is subject to so many rapidly changing trends as the cosmetics industry. This has an enormous impact on the production of cosmetics: Flexibility and efficiency are the be-all and end-all for manufacturers. In order to be able to change formulations, colours and fragrances quickly, fast production changeovers are important. IKA's Standard Production Plant can meet these requirements.

Without long conversion times or costly adjustments, an entire product range from creams to ointments to lotions can be produced on a very flexible plant. The SPP plant homogeneously mixes both liquid and solid product components into high-quality emulsions and suspensions - both at low and high viscosities.

High shear forces with short production times are achieved by the patented DBI mixing and dispersing machine. In this way, the SPP increases the productivity and profitability of cosmetics manufacturers. The SPP is available in 8 sizes and a useful volume of up to 4000 litres.

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