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New process machines were introduced to IKA representatives

/// “During many years of intensive co-operation, I am truly impressed with the field competence, development and creativity. IKA is now what it is, due to the innovation and dedicated expertise of the people working with seamless passion.” John Maes, Process engineer, Maprema, Belgium

New process machines were introduced to IKA representatives

IKA regularly offers training sessions for its representatives. This year, the training was held from 7 – 10 November, 2011 in Staufen, Germany. The training was attended by more than 36 representatives from Denmark, Great Britain, France, Ireland, Italy, Russia, Sweden, Hungary, Greece, Czech Republic, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and some other countries. 

The main focus of the training was to address the challenging applications faced in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industry. IKA engineers Mr. Kanzinger, Mr. Kuenstle, Mr. Maier, Mr. Fellmann and Mr. Otte presented the proven and tested advanced technology solutions for these industries. The representatives also shared success stories from their experiences and practices.

The main highlight of the training was the introduction of IKA newly developed innovative process machines by the Chief designer Mr. Grimm. These machines will be available in the market after showcasing them in one of the biggest International trade show ACHEMA 2012.

Besides the introduction to the new products and innovations, various applications were demonstrated to the IKA representatives at the pilot plant station. E.g., production of fertilizers, processing of biomass and production of mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard.

The most emotional part of the training program was the entertainment that was waiting for the training participants. It was a fun-filled evening with dinner and an indoor performance of Dr. Faust, the protagonist of a classic German legend. Not less exiting was a mix of many cultures during the communication of the representatives with each other.

After the event, the process engineer of the Belgian company “Maprema” John Maes stated: “I was impressed with the rigorous training provided by IKA. This company is a huge technology machine and I am pleased to be part of it”.

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