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Meeting new team members

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Meeting new team members

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Wilmington, NC - Mr. René Stiegelmann spent his Easter break with sons Giuliano and Sandro at the IKA Farm in Wilmington, NC. 
While at the farm, René met with Tommy Cameron to build on Mike Miller’s legacy and to further grow what he put in place.  One of René’s excitements was the “freeing of the chickens” to have free range eggs. These eggs will be delivered to the employees on a weekly basis. In the picture, René is picture with family friends Axel and Margret, as well as Tommy and his sons.

René also spent time at IKA and met with the leadership team to review the expansion projects for the increase of the production capacity at IKA Wilmington. 

During his trip, IKA Wilmington onboarded two new employees, Gene (IT) and Robert (Lab Sales). While the new team members underwent training within the organization, we invited them to a dinner with some of their counterparts to welcome them to the group. Mr. Stiegelmann joined dinner and spend some time exchanging stories with the team. 

While Mr. Stiegelmann is often pictured eating, we appreciate the time he is taking to get to know our employees.
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