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Introducing our IKA Kidscamp logo

/// The IKA Kidscamp has a new face both internally and externally and we are very excited to be presenting you our new logo.

We would like to introduce our logo to promote our initiative of an international cultural exchange of our employees’ kids: Eligible children (between 12 and 16 years) of our employees in the United States will travel to Germany for two weeks in July 2017. They will immerse in the European culture, taking in culinary and historic delights in Germany, France and Switzerland. In August, children of our Chinese and German employees will travel to the United States and immerse in the American culture. They will visit the IKA Farm, learn how to get back to basics as well as learn how to surf in the Carolinas. Our US children will accompany the international visitors and for the first time in IKA history, the children from all three nations will come together and have the chance to get to know each other and everyone’s respective cultures. Our new IKA Kidscamp logo supports our goal of bringing our employees closer together.

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