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/// IKA charity project supports children in need


IKA charity project supports children in need

What is a retired IKA employee doing in the production plant? Working - and for a good reason. Because HANDS FOR CHILDREN, a charity project run by IKA Staufen, combines the output of helping hands of former employees with direct contribution to global charity projects. Our new logo is making the idea behind HANDS FOR CHILDREN even clearer: the helping hands at the center form the shape of a heart.

A glance at the donation chart shows that a big heart is beating among IKA and its retirees - more than 720,000 Euros have been donated in the past 15 years through the work of the IKA volunteers. This involves former IKA employees assembling laboratory equipment that is sold worldwide. In agreement with its employees, the profits earned from the sale of these products are directly donated to institutions that help children in need. Our funds have helped to build schools, reducing illiteracy and offering children a brighter future.

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