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Conical Dryer CD100

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June 2017 - We are excited to share our new product video with you.
The IKA CD 100 is a process plant for batch mixing and vacuum contact drying of moist, wet and in-fluid mixed solids. Both the spiral agitator and the vessel are completely heatable and ideal for a temperature incorporation of up to 200°C. The unique shape of the spiral agitator enables the product be mixed intensively yet gently. The integrated flow breaker adds additional turbulences inside the product while the agitator stirs the product. The agitator is infinitely adjustable; the entire process is done under vacuum. The conical shape of the vessel allows for a complete emptying process of the product out of the vessel and simplifies the CIP-cleaning for the user.
In order to achieve effective drying of complicated products such as pastes or hardly flowable products, it is possible to tilt the entire vessel of up to 45° during the process. For inspection purposes, the cover of the vessel can be opened using the electrical control panel. The CD series of IKA is GMP-compliant. An upscale of process plants from 10l up to 4000l is easily possible.​

Read more about our IKA Conical Dryer (CD) and its possibilities here on our website or contact us for further information.

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