Passion for Chemistry: Annual Business Meet 2017 India

Training, new products and strategies

Bengaluru, India - From 2nd to 4th March 2017, our Indian subsidiary conducted their Annual Business Meet 2017. Honorable guests Mr. Erhard Eble (Vice President - IKA Group) and Mr. Michael Liu (Vice President Sales - IKA Group, Laboratory & Analytical Technology), as well as channel partners and the entire IWB Sales and Service Team were part of the gathering. Strategies to successfully complete 2017 were presented and discussed. The meeting included two product training sessions, introducing our new products. The event was followed by a Q&A round concluded by an evening in a pleasant and convivial atmosphere. We thank everyone for their participation.

Following are some impressions of the evening, enjoy:

Pictured above: Training on the new IKA Plate (RCT digital)

Pictured above: Passion for Chemistry. Passion for our Products.

Pictured above: Mr. Erhard Eble honoring partners.

Pictured above: Mr. Lohit explaining the IKA magic LAB.

Pictured above: Mr. Michael Liu honoring our partner.