IKA Expertise for the Food Industry

Equipment used in food production plays a very important role in ensuring that the food produced is of the highest quality. Learn more about how IKA Werke helps to maintain high standards in food production.
Food manufacturers need equipment that incorporates innovative mixing techniques, enabling natural resources to be used sparingly and efficiently. IKA can offer these solutions — regardless of the technical requirements of the client's application.
IKA mixing techniques give products exclusive organoleptic qualities and an especially appetizing appearance. IKA has extensive expertise in the diverse mixing processes used in the food industry.
IKA colloid mills and inline dispersers make it possible to produce extremely smooth spreads, horseradish and mustard in large volumes. The IKA CMS machine enables users to prepare starch and sugar solutions in any quantity in a matter of minutes.
IKA offers two high-performance systems for the production of exceptionally stable, high-quality emulsions such as mayonnaise and ketchup: Master Plant and Standard Production Plant with patented dispersing module.
Find more detailed information on our mayonnaise preparation system here.